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Setting the Scene – a Prelude to Disaster

So here we are at the Real Cartuja in the hillside town of Valdemossa. The video below gives some idea of the atmosphere. What brought Chopin, Sand, her two children and a French maid to this extraordinary place? In part, it was the nineteenth … Continue reading

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A Winter in Majorca. Chopin – Preludes Op 28

Planning a winter holiday on the island of Majorca? Accommodation – a deserted monastery, the Real Cartuja, in the village of Valdemossa (above). Perhaps Bach’s Preludes and Fugues wouldn’t be on your list of must-haves, but they were on Chopin’s, when … Continue reading

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To Franz Liszt – Letter from a Traveller

Actually, it sounds better in the original French – Lettre d’un Voyageur – the title of a letter from George Sand printed as an article in the Revue des deux mondes in September 1835, the addressee ‘mon cher Franz’. It is assumed that Liszt’s  … Continue reading

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And finally – Chopin among Friends

There it is – Chopin’s profile beneath a statue of a weeping Muse, which is dated ‘Clésinger 1850’. The monument was erected a year after the funeral, and was sculpted by Clésinger, who was also the architect of the rift  between George Sand and … Continue reading

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