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A farewell to Preludes from the Square d’Orleans – Chopin, and his neighbour, Alkan

Two further Preludes by Chopin end this year’s series of posts; but before writing about them,  I couldn’t say farewell to 2017’s  topic, The Ubiquitous Prelude, without a mention of the Preludes by Alkan, who lived near Chopin for a … Continue reading

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Nocturne – A Little Night Music

If a musical quiz were to pose the question: ‘What type of musical composition links the composers Czerny, Fauré and Britten?’, one might toy with the idea of Etude as an answer, or perhaps Prelude, or even Opera, if we allow … Continue reading

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The French Connection

Chopin in 2010, Liszt in 2011 – now that we’re in 2012, it is Debussy’s turn for the spotlight as we celebrate 150 years since his birth in 1862. It’s quite a logical succession -Debussy studied with a pupil of … Continue reading

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127 Hours – and Chopin

Nestling amongst the tracks from the film 127 Hours lies a curiosity. Ashkenazy – Nocturne No 2 says the playlist. It is, of course, Nocturne Op 9 No 2 by Chopin, and although the performance on the purchased soundtrack may be … Continue reading

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And finally – Chopin among Friends

There it is – Chopin’s profile beneath a statue of a weeping Muse, which is dated ‘Clésinger 1850’. The monument was erected a year after the funeral, and was sculpted by Clésinger, who was also the architect of the rift  between George Sand and … Continue reading

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