Nocturne – A Little Night Music


If a musical quiz were to pose the question: ‘What type of musical composition links the composers Czerny, Fauré and Britten?’, one might toy with the idea of Etude as an answer, or perhaps Prelude, or even Opera, if we allow Czerny’s operatic transcriptions. Add in Chopin and John Field to the composers, and the answer narrows – to Nocturne. John Field is the name we all associate with the Nocturne; in fact one wonders if he has a wider claim to fame than the gift of that title to music. He does, and another blogpost will explore his legacy further.

But for now, as we celebrate New Year on this the 1st January 2014, allow me to introduce this year’s blogpost theme – Nocturne. I hope to look at Nocturnes from Field and Chopin to Fauré and beyond, and also to investigate music with nocturnal associations, from Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight’ Sonata, to Ravel’s Gaspard de la Nuit and Peter Sculthorpe’s ‘Night Pieces’. And Czerny’s Nocturnes, yes, will not be forgotten.

I look forward to your company!


Photograph by Joshu Shund.

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