Birthday Blog

Today this blog is a year old – thank you to all who have contributed to its 11,000 views! This is the 60th post; the first post on October 24 2010 was Any Excuse to Play Liszthere.

I was curious to see what people are reading; the Home page, of course, has had the most views. But next comes 127 hours – and Chopin in which I wrote about the Chopin Nocturne featured in that film. Nearly every day there are searches for ‘what piece does Aron’s sister play on the piano in 127 Hours’, or words to that effect. This is heartening; amidst the concern about the future of ‘classical’ music, people are still inspired when they hear some to seek it out. Posts on Liszt’s Vallée d’Obermann and Au Lac de Wallenstadt  come next in the rankings, followed by The King’s Speech – and Beethoven: again, fuelled by searches about the classical music used in the final scenes.

Thank you for reading! And now, back to research on Mazeppa…

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4 Responses to Birthday Blog

  1. Happy Birthday! It always amuses me to see what search terms have brought people to my blog, and I love the idea of visitors dropping by almost by accident and then finding something to interest them. I look forward to your next post with interest 🙂

  2. Clara Rodriguez says:

    Congratulations on your success Christine, it is inspiring to see colleagues playing and writing!

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