Liszt’s 200th Birthday – today!

As a small child, I used to stare closely at this cover of an *LP of Liszt’s music in my parents’ record collection, fascinated by the patterns, shapes and colours.  One day I suddenly realised that the individual fragments, when viewed as a whole, created Liszt’s face. I think it is the same with Liszt’s music – looking at only a few pieces , or at a particular genre in isolation, does not constitute the whole musical picture of a multi-faceted composer who lived from 1811 until 1886, meeting both Beethoven and Debussy during the course of a long, colourful, eventful and ground-breaking musical life.

Today Radio 3 features the Liszt Sonata in CD review and a discusssion about Liszt in Music Matters: Tom Service is joined by Leslie Howard and Andras Schiff, to name but two of the distinguished guests. On Sunday 23rd October at 12pm until 8pm there is a wonderful spread of concerts from different countries, featuring repertoire which includes songs, orchestral music and the oratorio Christus. I hope you get the chance to play some Liszt today, or to listen to some. Have a good weekend!

*The cover art above is by Australian artist Lance Stirling, the LP a World Record Club recording of the Liszt Sonata played by Malcuzynski, and Liszt concerto No 2 played by Malcuzynski and the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Susskind.

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