Studying the Etudes

Why does it sound so much better to perform an Etude than to perform a Study? It means the same, but perhaps the French word gives an aura of glamour and sophistication to a title which, in English, appears rather mundane; a mere work-out for the fingers.

Liszt’s Etudes – Studies – are anything but that. From the hair-raising athleticism of La Campanella to the icy imagery of Chasse-Neige, they thrill both player and listener, and are one of those pianistic peaks to be conquered in the mountainous ranges of advanced repertoire. So I’ll be looking at them in a series of posts.

Scratch the surface, though, and other composers appear, needing a mention. Therefore, I’ll start in Vienna, in 1791…

Below, Leeds winner Sofya Gulyak performs Liszt’s Chasse-Neige.

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