You’re Hired. Next recital – Brentwood

It’s best not to go near the television on Wednesday evenings if there are still tasks to be done and if  The Apprentice is on. It is dangerously addictive, and seems to capture the imagination of millions, year after year.

Watching it as a musician, one is reminded of the gruelling reality of the world of business. But is that any more gruelling than our world with its combination of constant training -ie practice and rehearsal, like athletes –  its leadership and teamwork, its success and failure?  We are a product, a brand which we update, reinvent, package, market and advertise; a self-employed business; as soloists or chamber musicians, we are a team of perhaps one, two, three or four in which we have to fulfil all the roles that Belbin identifies in a successful team – a Plant for creative ideas, a Monitor Evaluator, a  Co-ordinator etc., right down to the Completer Finisher who ties up all the loose ends.

My next recital is in Brentwood next week, where Lord Sugar’s business, Amstrad, is based. Cabbies tell me of sightings of the AMS Rolls Royce, and of a past secretary who was driven to and from London daily to her job at the firm’s expense when the firm moved there, as she did not wish to move house. Hence my musing on The Apprentice.

The recital features Liszt, and other composers whom he met: Beethoven, Grieg and Debussy. It is on Friday 29 July at 1:00pm at St Thomas’ Church, and, Lord Sugar, you and your staff are most welcome. Copies of my CD will be on sale. Having written that, I’d better go and practise – both the piano, and my pitch…

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