Today’s the day

Good morning all, from the UK. I am delighted to announce that my recording of Liszt is released today: Années de Pèlerinage II: Italie, plus Au lac de Wallenstadt and Au bord d’une source from the Suisse Année, and Les jeux d’eaux à la Villa d’Este from the Troisième Année.

When Liszt published Italie, he had the artist Kretschmer reproduce Raphael’s Sposalizio for the edition. I am grateful to the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture for granting me permission to use Raphael’s Sposalizio, which hangs in the Brera Gallery in Milanas the cover image. Liszt’s piece of the same name is the first track.

While performing these works in this Liszt bicentenary year, it has been very rewarding to have conversations with, and letters and emails from, people who have discovered these and other Lisztian riches in the piano repertoire. I am told that some of the girls at MLC in Melbourne, where I played Liszt and gave a masterclass in April, subsequently arrived at piano lessons armed with copies of the music. I hope you’re enjoying the pieces, girls!

Copies of the CD are available online here and here, and it’s on iTunes.

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2 Responses to Today’s the day

  1. Congratulations, Christine! I look forward to listening to you very soon! Fran x

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