A Pianist with Chopsticks

Get any group of children near a piano, and there’s a good chance that one of them will start to play ‘Chopsticks’. It’s a fail-safe piece that anyone can learn by ear. There are ‘how to’ versions of it on YouTube. Marilyn Monroe played it in the film ‘The Seven Year Itch’.

Using chopsticks to eat, however, is an acquired skill requiring fine motor control, patience and practice. And I haven’t yet got the knack. Here in Hong Kong for a brief stopover en route to London, we went to a lovely restaurant and ordered a meal. It duly arrived, looking and smelling delicious. Then the fun started.

‘It’s a very healthy way of eating,’ commented my husband, ‘because you eat slowly.’ Agreed. One bite per five minutes, preceded by chasing each dainty morsel around the bowl many times while making numerous attempts to secure it. The pristine, snowy-white tablecloth was getting splattered with sauce. Waiters looked on with pity; other diners looked askance. Oh dear… Finally, our waiter could stand it no longer. Knives and forks were brought to the table, to the relief of all.

Chopsticks on the piano? Not a problem. But chopsticks at the table are a real challenge. Anyone fancy a pizza this evening…

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2 Responses to A Pianist with Chopsticks

  1. My students are very amused that their teacher cannot play Chopsticks. In fact, I had to ask Ben, the boy with the amazing ear for a tune, any tune, to teach me! He then played it ad nauseum at every lesson for the next three weeks until I told him Chopsticks was banned until further notice!

    As for eating with chopsticks, my husband is a dab hand and can clear a plate of noodles before I’ve even snapped my chopsticks apart. I think this has more to do with coming from a large family, than chopstick adeptness! Glad all is going well with you trip.

  2. cpianist says:

    Thanks Fran 🙂 Home now.

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