Keep playing – even if the Titanic is sinking

To a remarkable venue on April 1 – the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne, no longer a Convent, but a large Arts community where Radio 3MBS is based. I gave a live broadcast of pieces by Liszt. At least, I thought I was broadcasting, and kept playing even when the Recording Administrator walked into the studio, right over to the piano…then she quietly asked me to start again, as, due to a technical glitch, nothing of the previous 5 minutes had been heard on air.

It happens! I once heard a broadcast from a live BBC orchestral concert in the UK  going completely awry technically, forcing an unflappable presenter to ad lib in between putting on tracks from a CD of solo guitar music while technicians worked frantically to restore transmission.

Happily, all was sorted for me and the programme went well without further incident. Thanks to Alan, Sally, Robert, Michelle and Alex for their warm welcome and expertise – and for enabling the show to go on in spite of the April Fool gremlin.

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