For Sale – Recording Studio

Sitting here at midnight in Melbourne, catching up with online news from the UK, it was sad to see this report (scroll down to the 29 March blogpost) of Potton Hall being up for sale. My Liszt CD was recorded there a month ago, and it would be hard to find another venue of such excellence with such a magnificent piano. The setting is idyllic, too – far from the madding crowd with its recording hazards of traffic and aeroplanes.

The studio will be in use right up to the sale, so if you’re thinking of making a recording, book now. I wonder if the piano is for sale, too…

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2 Responses to For Sale – Recording Studio

  1. Helen Hayes says:

    No need to panic Christine, we are selling the property as a business and already have people interested who want to carry on the studio. I’m sure you and many others will be able to continue recording here for many years to come! Business as usual!

  2. cpianist says:

    That is wonderful news! Thanks for letting me know!

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