A bit of a cash-flow problem…

Composers’ letters make fascinating reading. This 1895 edition of some of Liszt’s letters is doubly significant, as the translations were by Constance Bache, whose brother Walter studied piano privately with Liszt as well as in the Weimar classes; he also performed Liszt’s music widely, and invited the composer to London in April 1886. Constance writes of this in the preface.

This first volume selects correspondence from 1828 to 1861, including a letter written from St Gervais during Liszt’s Swiss sojourn. He was running out of money; a certain Monsieur Pavy was to supply funds from a Banker’s Draft set up by Liszt’s mother. How best to approach the gentleman with this delicate request? Via his sister, Mademoiselle Lydie Pavy, of course…

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